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Pokemon X and Y Emulator PC 2016

Posted on February 8, 2015  in Uncategorized


pokemon x and y iconPokemon X and Y Emulator PC
Welcome to the site where you’ll discover our download for free of the Pokemon X and Y Emulator PC. If you would like to get your hands on this tool and the way it this exactly works, then keep on reading.

Pokemon X and Y is one of the latest game releases by Game Freak. Its originally developed for the Nintendo 3Ds. Unfortunately not everyone owns a Nintendo 3DS, and that’s why allot of individuals like yourself are trying to find a way to play it on PC.


This is when I decided to build up an emulator that actually works just for PC however has the features in the Nintendo 3DS. Since I am a developer and I also like playing games, I wanted to place my skills towards the test together with my colleagues to build up a tool which will work for PC and Mac systems.
If you have watching my video then you’ll know how easy it really is to run the Pokemon X and Y Emulator, its fairly easy to use even a kid can run it.

pokemon x and y icon


Updated and Working Since:

Friday, June 22nd 2018

Server 1


Server 2



pokemon x and y iconHere Are Some FAQ That People have inquired about the tool

How do I install the tool ?
The Tool doesn’t require any installation, it’s designed to operate on your desktop. This is so that it doesn’t take allot of memory resources or processing power.

Can I run this on any PC or Laptop?
Yes, you are able to run this on many PC and Laptops, provided you’ve got at least a considerable updated Laptop or PC, if you discover it freezing during gameplay just lower the quality in the game.

My Pokemon X and Y Emulator PC doesn’t appear to work.
If your struggling to operate the application, please try running it on administrator. Also ensure your Adobe flash is perfectly up to date and you do not have any security which may be stopping it from working.

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