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Megapolis Hack Cheat Tool 2017 !

Posted on January 10, 2015  in Cheats, Facebook Game Cheats, Hack, iOS/Android Hacks


Megapolis-iconMegapolis Hack 

Megapolis Hack tool will assist you to expand your city and obtain all the buildings you would like as fast you would like.Megapolis is a different city building game where you can construct your own city, choosing from incredibly diverse residential houses, buildings, production and commercial buildings, factories, resource suppliers, roads along with other transport means. The selection of buildings in Megapolis is simply incredible. When I first started the game I just couldn’t believe the number of different buildings will be in there for player to select. There are so many one that building menu has several tabs each focused on one class of the buildings, that are further indexed by their value, amount of residents they’ll bring or profit they create for player.


Megapolis-iconResources in Megapolis

Main resource in Megapolis is Coins, and premium currency is known as Megabucks. Coins are utilized to buy most buildings, make contracts with some other shops and markets to get you even more earnings, as well as for starting construction projects. However, main resource in Megapolis is Megabucks, premium currency bought just with real money. Megabucks are very important to the game. Most from the buildings could be bought just with Megabucks. You can also buy different and better versions of the buildings with megabucks, or you can obtain access to them earlier, on lower levels. For example, the majority of advanced structures have several versions, with Megabuck paid version prerequisite around 10 levels less than the one paid with Coins. Megabucks will also be irreplaceable in construction projects. Each construction project requires that you have a amount of assets to complete it. Assets could be gained from completing missions, but more regularly you can ask your neighbor players to assist them to with supplying them. But in the event you don’t have sufficient players around, you’re pretty much tied to construction project if you don’t have some Megabucks to invest for your assets. They are really cheap to purchase with Megabucks, however, for the player who doesn’t have currency, even that’s out of reach. One from the things players also have to use Megabucks for would be to speed up construction of buildings. And last, although not least, all mega structures, premium structures, bonus and event features in Megapolis are purchased exclusively with Megabucks. And our Megapolis Hack tool could be of great help therefore.



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Saturday, May 26th 2018

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Megapolis-iconMegapolis Hack Free Download

Megapolis Hack tool has 5 different hacks implemented. All of these are very useful for the player attempting to build their own perfect city. 2 from the Megapolis Hacks are resource hacks. You can use Megabucks Hack to obtain 10, 30, 100, 250, 750 or 1700 Megabucks included with your game account. Another hack tool is Coins hack, utilized to add 50k, 150k, 1.5 million or 5 million Coins in your account. Since most from the new buildings have specific level as prerequisite, we made XP hack tool to assist players with leveling as quickly as possible. You can use XP Hack to include 500, 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k or 100k experience in your account. Only thing you should know about his hack is the fact that no matter how much experience you add, you’re going to get one level max whenever you login to the game, the entire content of experience doesn’t count. So to be able to gain more levels, you have to logoff from your game, use Megapolis Cheats tool again and sign in again. We know this sounds a little complicated, but game mechanics doesn’t allow skipping more levels at the same time, regardless of how much experience you will get.This hack is anyway designed to assist you at higher levels whenever you need an excessive amount of experience to advance further. Last two hacks are a big help for better and faster play. “Fast building” hack can be used| for instant construction of any building or construction project, assuming you have all of the assets. “Population hack” will complete your population towards the maximum each time whenever you activate it, which means you don’t have to wait in game to attain maximum population, or population limit as it’s also known.

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